“You Matter To Me” Headband


“You matter to me”


These 4 little words take on so many meanings. Whether it’s your way of showing how much you care about a special someone, or affirming how important they are to you, these words surely carry a piece of your heart, whomever they are for.


At the heart of the Ang Hill brand are Love Labels. These are special love notes included on the label of each Ang Hill piece. 


In this collaboration, Ang and Dori teamed up to create the most beautiful and touching Love Label yet.


Each headband in this collection includes a love label in Dori’s elegant and timeless calligraphy with the words, “you matter to me.” We want you to feel these words deeply, and feel beautiful each time you wear the headband.


Super soft bamboo knotted headband


95% bamboo

5% spandex

One size: 9” diameter 4.25” wide

Hand wash cold. Lay flat to dry